A little bit about me...


"There are no limits, no boundaries and

anything is possible."

-Sukhi Bains

When I first told a friend “I want to be a personal coach”...

He laughed and asked “What exactly is one of those?”. Strangely, I had the same reaction as him when someone first mentioned a personal coach. When I explained what one is, he said “I could definitely use one of them”.  And this is true, we could all use a coach as I also found out.


So, what exactly is a personal development coach? It’s simply that – someone who helps coach others’ lives. In a nutshell, coaching is intended to help provide people with the support and guidance they need to shine in any area of their lives. Just like we have a personal trainer for our physical health.


So, what makes me qualified to be a coach? Well to start with, I’ve curated a life for myself which I love and one which fits perfectly to who I am. I have battled many obstacles and broken many barriers to be the best version of myself today. I know what it feels like to be lonely, anxious, lost and without direction. I was unhappy, not living the life I wished for and I was stuck. However, with the help of self-development, healing and spiritual guidance I grew, persevered, worked at becoming my own best authentic-self and most importantly started to live the life I deserved which included battling my own sexuality. I want my clients to feel the same empowerment, contentness, on the road to success, and have a more fulfilling life whatever that means to them. 


This doesnt mean my life is perfect, it just means I realised what I had to learn and un-learn to have a life I love and deserve. I had also unconsciously been coaching my entire life and I decided to share my knowledge and wisdom by doing what I love - helping others. My own experiences in life gave me compassion to help others. So, it was a no brainer to eventually turn my passion into a job. I also battled with my own demons, issues and trauma to finally be free and comfortable with who I am. Finally living an authentic life, meaning a life which feels good on the inside as it does on the outside.


Personal development coaching is an investment. Think of this as a gym membership. I believe how we have personal trainers in the gym for our physical health, one day most will have life coaches for their mental health. If we can invest in our physical wellbeing then why are we not investing in our mental well-being which is more important now than ever. You only have to switch on the news, read a magazine or log on to social media to see how people are struggling with their mental health. Like a personal trainer my aim is to be a catalyst for change for my clients. I genuinely believe that every single one of us has the power to choose the life we want to live. With the guidance of a coach, I know you can tap into the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

Some random things about me:


I have travelled to over 40 countries.

I have a phobia of rats but I’m an animal lover.

I have been vegetarian all my life.

I hate queues.

I’ve done a skydive once. But won't do a bungee.

I can speak fluent Punjabi and Hindi.

I can’t swim but I love the sea.

I love to dance.

I get told I’m always happy and positive. I’m not.

I’m massive on racial equality, religious equality, sexual orientation equality – basically equality.

I love to cook.

...and the rest I won't bore you with.

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